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the leftover snow

lenticular prints (made as GIFs for digital viewing)
16x20'', 16x20'', 

To love, to hold, to cherish, to adore, to fall, to do everything, to do nothing, to lose, to accept, to let go. “The Leftover Snow” is a personal story about a breakup with my six-year partner.  This work starts with a roll of film that was multi-exposed unintentionally, which has photos dated back to Taiwan in 2016 and photos taken in New York 2022. I missed the only big snow in New York 2021 because I flew back to Taiwan to deal with the breakup. When I returned, what’s left were the melting piles of snow on the sidewalks.
By re-creating the scene of leftover snow, mixed with images from my personal archive, I intend to capture what will eventually fade away, showing how time, spaces, and emotions will gradually be folded and mixed up as time goes by.

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